Trump Going Rogue: GOP Abandoning Him in His Moment of Need

Donald Trump is not backing down and he is standing his ground against the gop leadership, some of who want Trump to stand down after his tape surfaced saying that he would grab a woman’s you know? This is not setting well with the gop establishment who fear they will lose the woman’s vote this fall big because of Trump. To the gop leaders, I think it is fruitless to try and get women voters for the fall; that ship sailed the second you endorsed Trump to be your party’s candidate. If the dems win big this fall, it will be because of the female vote and minority vote. The landscape of politics is slowly changing and it does not bode well for the republican party if they continue to alienate minority voters, just stop it. This country is not the white man’s country anymore, it is a diverse and complex culture now whose demographics do not favor your party, either change with the times, or get swept up by history.


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