Young People Love Putin?

Now I know that Russia is not some evil entity that America makes it out to be. That being said, I think a lot of young people make the mistake of making Putin out to be some sort of anti-hero or some sort of sympathetic father figure who the American media misrepresents. No, this man is crazy, dangerous and he oppresses civil rights badly.

This is a man who has made artist out to be an enemy of his. According to the Huffington post: members of the now infamous Pussy Riot, have been intimidated, arrested, or even imprisoned.” Hardly a man who upholds the rights of artist and freedom of expression.

So, Putin is not the biggest monster like some claim him to be, but he is not someone who is innocent or someone who is a friend of the rights and values a lot of young people defend. Don’t glamorize a man who hates a lot of what you stand for kids. He is not a friend of your open minded values. He is a gangster and he is dangerous. Putin is not gonna support a lot of the ideas and rights that you do, so stop pretending that he is some sort of friendly figure to human rights.

Link: Putin’s human rights policies.


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