Philosophy Time: Can Humans Overcome Partisan Hackery?

For years the republican base has been living in fear that Obama was gonna come and grab their guns, well, he is almost gone and you still have your guns. Obama would put whites in chains, etc., I have had to listen to this garbage for eight years. Now we are hearing Trump will deport all minorities, take our healthcare, and execute anyone who does not fit his idea America.

So, now it is the left pushing fear. Is it justified? Or is this more political partisan hackery that simple common sense can overcome. Can humans use their brain to figure out that Trump will come more to the middle and he will not keep half of his promises? I hope so, the temperature in this country is coming to a boil, let’s hope we can calm down and use our common sense to realize that presidents promise a lot they cannot keep just to get elected.


6 thoughts on “Philosophy Time: Can Humans Overcome Partisan Hackery?

  1. This is not a fair comparison. Fear surrounding Obama was fear that he would do things people THOUGHT he MIGHT want to do. Fear surrounding Trump is fear that he’ll actually do what he SAYS. That’s not the same, or similar, or even close. The left is not pushing fear. The left is fearful the right will deliver on its promises.

    I don’t think it’s fair or right to assume people who don’t agree with you that Trump must come to the middle aren’t using their brains. And once again, Obama is not a fair comparison.

    Obama came to the middle because republicans maintain a lot of power whether they are in the Oval Officr or not. But a republican is in power now. If we want examples of republicans who did as they liked without touching middle ground, we need only look at the George Bush legacy. We’re STILL cleaning that up.

  2. There’s a large difference. People having their thoughts and fears stirred up by those who benefit vs. having those thoughts and fears stirred up by the words of the person themself are not equivalent.
    In other words….
    People saying Obama will do this and that is different than Trump saying he will do this and that.

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