Philosophy Time: Why Does Hatred Trump Critical Thinking?

If anything this election proved, it is how gullible humans are. America voted in an inexperienced, ego maniac who is already fighting people on social media. He has no idea how to govern and he already seems to be flexing his muscle too much. Trump is not Hitler, but he is very childish and authoritarian.

So, why did people vote for him? Emotion, hatred to be exact. Hatred for the political system, hatred for Hillary Clinton and hatred for what the DNC did to Bernie. Critical thinking took a backseat. No one is immune from it, so let’s just admit we all are guilty of it. We all do it, and it shows how bad humanity’s critical thinking skills are. People let their anger outweigh their critical thinking skills, and it makes me wonder. Will most of humanity ever use critical thinking skills to vote? Or will we have a bunch of emotional voters who will keep shooting themselves in the foot?


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