thefreedomfighter: Mike Tackett

Bio: I am a Southern Poverty Law Center winner for fighting against oppression. I am a socialist who loves Buffy the vampire slayer, politics, and debating politics, i love to read and play video games, I love sports, even though my disabilities keep me from playing them. Johnny Cash is my all time favorite singer. I also love Loretta Lynn, I live with my mom, and brother. I am a socialist who advocates for equal pay for all workers, and i advocate for equal rights regardless, of race, sex, sexuality, or religion. Everyone should have the right to live, and have a life. I was born in Indiana, and raised in Kentucky, I went to school, and excelled at math, history, and science. I studied economics for 2 years in college, Noam Chomsky, and Naomi Klein are my 2 favorite authors. My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings, i also love avatar, Halloween, the original nightmare on elm street, ring u, ju-on, psycho, Chinatown, one flew over the kukoo's nest, coal miner's daughter, speed, lethal weapon, die hard, brain dead, the evil dead, terminator, aliens, titanic, ET, close encounters, jaws, and raiders of the lost ark to name a few. I am very passionate, and love with all my heart, I am asexual, to me sex means nothing i would rather have love, and companionship. Well i will quit rambling lol now i hope you get to reading my blog, and i hope you like what i have to say thank you 🙂

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