Is Hip Hop is Sexist?

We all know that Tupac is looked at as a musical legend, a working class hero who fought against oppression with beautiful lyrics and unforgettable messages. There is another Tupac, the man who raped a woman. He raped a young woman when she went back to his hotel room. Snoop Dog rapped about how he wanted to see other women get it on with their best friend. A lot of examples of how a lot of hip-hop is too infected with sexism. Women are often objectified and glorified for men in the videos and there is a rape problem in hip-hop as well.

Now, it would be foolish to say that the whole hip-hop industry is like this or that all of the music is. Nonsense, a lot of hip-hop is women empowering and very female positive. Especially underground hip-hop, but there is a sexism problem in hip-hop and I hope it gets addressed. I may not care for hip-hop, but there are a lot of people who do like it and I hope this issue gets addressed. Is hip-hop sexist? I don’t think the music itself is, but a lot of the artist are. I don’t think they know and that is a problem.


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