The Wrestling Connection to the Buzzies

I used to be a wrestling fanatic growing up, now I still watch for fun and I do keep up with it, but I find the new product lacking in real characters I can get into (except AJ Styles, he rocks) anyway, I used to have some wrestling games for my Wii, it was Raw vs. Smackdown 2011 and I remember the game had a create your own story mode.

In this mode, you got to write all the dialogue, situations, cut scenes, etc., all of it was in your control. I would sit and write dialogue for my created wrestlers, yes, some of them were Buzzies. Lol and a funny thing started to happen. I was writing so much that I started to find the characters voices as I was writing. I could hear the characters come alive in my head and I was getting an idea of how to write for them and what would work for them.

In other words, if I do end up doing a great job on the writing, thank RVS 2011, thanks John Cena, thanks Undertaker. I really got a lot of practice from that game on how to write for my characters. A bit shocking to find this out, but also not shocking since one of the goals in the create your own story was to write dialogue for your characters.


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