War Culture

One thing is for sure. America goes to war a lot. Our military industrial complex sure makes a lot of money off of the deaths of civilians. It is a big reason that world peace is hard to achieve. Profits dictate this world and peace is not profitable. Well, at least for the military industrial complex. People think bankers run our country, to an extent they do, but it is the military industrial complex that really dictates what our country will do.

It is time to stand up and be heard America. Let’s demand our leaders stop obeying the military industrial complex, enough murdering innocent children, that will only breed hatred for us and cause the next generation of terrorist. Enough putting money into the hands of psychopaths who will pull the trigger just for some money. The time has come for the military industrial complex to be held accountable for a lot of the war crimes that have been committed in the name of profits. No more will we be silent while innocent civilians are killed for money. Stop this war culture and bring back civility to our nation.


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