Living in Poverty

I hear the numbers of a smaller number of Americans living in poverty. I wish I would get out. I do have a job, but I don’t get enough hours, nor is the pay enough for me to live on, I don’t have enough for food right now, and since I work, I miss some of the soup kitchens free food, so I am homeless and it really sucks. I keep trying to get a job, but I keep getting rejected. I am not asking for much, all I want is a place to stay and make enough were I can take care of myself and my girl who is disabled as well.

How sad it is that having a job is no longer good enough to have a place to live. Also, a lot of employers are not hiring full-time so they don’t have to pay the benefits. Greed is not good and neither is how our system is set up. If you have a certain skill set, then you will do good in our economic system, if not, then you are screwed. This needs to change so people can live and having a job means you can live and have a decent life. Is that too much to ask?


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