Is Sex Ruining Love

We do have an abnormally high divorce rate and that is sad for our society. It breaks up homes and it can also hurt the economy. I am not shaming anyone who gets divorced because of an abusive spouse or cheating ok? But a lot of marriages do end on the “we are friends but not in love anymore” saying which got me to thinking. What is wrong with a lot of relationships? It is so easy and simple, so I will look and see what is going on.

Probably the biggest problem is what we base relationships on. We value sex more than the relationship part.  Sex is good for a relationship, but you should not go by it for a long-term relationship. Knowing you are going into a one-night stand is one thing, but when you go long-term, comparability, trust, loyalty, and friendship matter a lot more than sex do.

Remember that love is not some flighty feeling. If you say you love someone, it should last a long time or for good. Sexual pleasure can fade, but real compatibility, friendship and love will last a lot longer after the thrill of sex is gone.


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