Barack Obama: Saudi Arabia Arms Deal

Just when you want to complement Obama, here he goes again doing something to make you want to criticize him. He signed a one billion dollar weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Yes, that Saudi Arabia and it seems like Obama doesn’t care what their human rights policies are or what they do to Yemen. Their human rights violations alone should bar them from any treaty with the US or deal. Instead, we seem to be in bed with one of the world’s worst human rights offenders and I am shocked Obama would just fall in line with them so easily.

Then again, Obama is just another president who has worked with Saudi Arabia, and Hillary Clinton has ties to them and Trump would do business with them as well. How sad are we that we turn a blind eye to their horrific acts of human cruelty to gays, women and other groups who the government doesn’t consider desirable. Shame on Obama, shame on the GOP, the dems or anyone who does business with this country’s oppressive and cruel government. The people of Saudi Arabia deserve better than this and so do we.

Link: US, Saudi arms deal.


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