Haiti: How Can We Help?

We know how hard Florida and the south coast has been hit in America. However, one place has gotten it worse and that is Haiti. This place seems to be a bad news magnet. According to the BBC, ‘Haiti south, 90% destroyed.’

This is just horrible and every a bad hurricane or some type of disaster happens, this place gets slammed and since Haiti is looked at as a fourth world country (yes, it does exist, Fourth world country. Here is a link that tells the definition). Haiti is on the verge of going under period. Something needs to be done to ensure that they don’t go under.  But, what? What can we all do? We can chip in money, but it is going to take a lot of money to help them and sustain them. We could send supplies, but again, how much can we send before we hurt ourselves or someone else as well?

This is heartbreaking and I really feel bad for all the people who live there. Maybe we can all chip in and help them and for a long-term solution, we can help by donating some resources to help them get on their feet for good. No matter what you solution is, we can all agree that this cannot continue to happen or there maybe no Haiti in the near future.

Link: Haiti.



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