Donald Trump: Groper In Chief

New accusations are coming out that Donald Trump has tried to or has groped women in the past. This is not shocking, but it still comes off as a bit of a surprise that he would actually be this brass. An article in the NYT goes into detail more about what happened between Trump and a girlfriend of one of his clients, the article says, “You know, there’s going to be a problem,” Trump told Houraney, according to a 1997 sexual harassment lawsuit Harth filed against him. “I’m very attracted to your girlfriend.”

Yeah, really nice man. I know I have been very critical of Hillary, but Trump is making her look more like Obama every day when he does this kind of sexist and deplorable garbage. America will be the laughing stock of the world if this man is elected. I know, we have to wait and see if it is real, but Trump is already issuing an apology, so yeah. Trump needs to be arrested for this kind of behavior, this is borderline rape trying to force yourself onto a woman. Trump, if you got any kind of moxie or any kind of guts, you will resign, and let someone else take over. You Mr. Trump are not fit to run a snake farm. Wait? Maybe we should let him run one and hope it is overrun with diamond tail rattle snakes. \

Link: Groper In Chief.


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