A Fight to the Death

I have seen some minorities say they will fight to the death for their rights. A lot of whites don’t get this. Especially white Christian males who think it is just some SJW conspiracy to blah, hurt the white man, blah, blah. No, they live in a system were it is  the minority who has to face hurdles and obstacles in order to actually get noticed.

I wish people who said that minorities don’t need to fight hard for their rights, I wish you all would be forced to live as a transgender, Muslim, black, Latino, etc., because you don’t know how hard their lives are until you have lived through them. I know, for anyone who does have power and equal rights, the idea of a group of people fighting to the death over something like that seems strange, but the group with power does not have to worry about being targeted by the police (as much as the minorities), how any spike in crime is their fault, how the economy is being ruined by an influx of immigrants, etc.

This is why a lot of minorities are fighting back, they are tired of being targeted, they are tired of being blamed for societies ills. Latinos are not after your jobs, transgenders are not after your kids, blacks are not out to put whites in chains and women are not out to eliminate men. Yet, a lot of people sadly believe this paranoia and hyper-bowl and that is why minority groups are starting to fight back. Somethings are worth fighting for and wanting to be treated like any other human is a right that is worth dying for.



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