100 Children Dead in Attacks on Syria

Do you need more reasons to be anti-war? I will give you one hundred reasons why anyone should not support a war. In the latest attacks on Syria, over one hundred children out of three hundred and thirty eight were killed. The news gets worse, according to the NYT, ” Dr. Richard Brennan, the organization’s director of emergency response, told reporters that many of the 846 people wounded were expected to die for lack of treatment. That includes 261 children, he said.” How can anyone support actions that lead to this kind of senseless murder? How? There is no reason too and the longer this war goes on, the more children and innocents in general will be killed.

The war hawks and mongers who have built up the military industrial complex need to take a look at their handy work. The only problem with that is, I think they are so used to all the killings that seeing this would not phase them. To them, these dead bodies are just all in a day’s work.

Link: 100 Syrian Children Dead.




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