Philosophy Time: Why Do Humans Divide Themselves?

Humans are a strange bunch. There are over seven billion of us on this planet, yet we seem to love to divide ourselves into groups. Religious, racial, gender, sexual, etc., we love our labels and groups. This would not be a problem if people would stop being threatened by other groups.

Maybe it has to do with humans feeling safe. The unknown scares us and being with a group that reminds us of ourselves makes us feel comfort and safe. But, a problem with that is there are tons of cultures, beliefs, and ideas out there, so when we feel threatened by something different, that is the problem. Maybe it is time we accept that other ideas and cultures are out there and that it is ok to step outside our small bubble and nothing bad will come of it. It is ok for us to accept people like us, but it is ok for us to accept people who are not like us as well.


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