Are LGBT Rights Civil Rights?

An article on Yahoo said that LGBT rights are not the same as civil rights. This is something I have heard a lot about from the black community who some of the members think that being gay or transgender is a choice and it is not the same as choosing to be a gender or be gay. This is a hot button issue and an issue I intend to solve. Here are five reasons why LGBT rights ARE civil rights.

1: It is not a choice. One big misconception is that being a trans person or gay is a choice. Think about this for a second. Two of the most hated groups in America are trans and homosexuals among certain demographics. Why on Earth would anyone want to choose to be something that they know will bring them a lot of hate? The logic of this being a ‘choice’ is not logical at all.

2: Human dignity, when someone is not treated with equal respect, it is just wrong. Somethings are objectively wrong and treating someone less than another individual just because of their race, sexual orientation, etc, is just morally wrong. Anyone can try to justify it, but at the end of the day. Ask yourself this, would I want to be treated this way just for being white, christian or male? Answer me that one and then justify your behavior.

3: The definition, try as you might, but the definition of civil rights makes LGBT rights, civil rights. From dictionary dot com:


rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group.
So, yes since LGBT are a minority group, their rights should be protected. This makes LGBT issues a civil rights issue.
4: The oppression they face. Since civil rights is about equal treatment for minorities. Any group that faces oppression should get civil rights. The trans bathroom debacle is proof that LGBT members are targeted by society and that particular group faces oppression because society does not think this group is equal to theirs just because of how different or weird said group seems to them. Of course, this is no legitimate reason to oppress any group but it gives you an idea why it happens to one group and not another. That is what makes the oppression that the LGBT community face wrong and that is why their movement is looked at as a civil rights movement.
5: They are targeted. Since a lot of lawmakers target the LGBT community specifically just for being who they are, yes, that makes this a civil rights issue as well. Remember when signs said no blacks allowed? When someone refuses service to someone for being from a different group, that means this group was specifically targeted for a reason. This is probably the main reason for categorizing the LGBT movement as a civil rights movement. The fact that members of this group are specifically targeted just for being who they are, yes, it does make it a civil rights issue.
These are the five reasons why the Yahoo article is wrong and why the LGBT movement is a civil rights movement and why people who deny this, are simply trying to justify their ignorance and bigotry.

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