Helping Others

We all know it is good to help yourselves, it is good. However, science proves that it is also good to help others as well as yourself. How does it help? It might help the other person, but how does helping someone else, help us? Well, here are some examples of why helping others will not only help someone else, it will help you as well.

From best health mag, “The tiniest acts of kindness still have the potential to make a positive change for others”. 

Yes, because it helps someone feel good about themselves and what they feel down. Just telling someone how nice they look, will improve their state-of-mind and could help them on a different path. Small things do matter and it can help someone to become a new person.

The link to the health mag page I will post and I hope you go to it and learn something. Just telling someone that things will be ok, saying hi to them, and asking how they are doing will make a world of a difference. Sometimes people feel like they have no one and that no one cares about them. Don’t wait, get to it and go help someone. They might be on the verge of doing something bad and one small act can put their life on the right track. Helping others.



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