Love Yourself

We see it too many times don’t we? We go to a social media site and we see how our friends or family help us with our insecurities, but these same people will turn around and bash themselves for their looks or how much of a failure they are and how they don’t deserve good things. Yes, this kind of talk happens to much with nice people and we don’t want to admit that we are special and deserve love. We are not used to this because of past abuse, so we reject love from others (real love) and we like to pretend like our feelings don’t matter. It is time for this to change this attitude, but how can we do it? How do you change someone’s view about thsemselves?

Of course not everyone is like this, and some people are too full of themselves and that does not count. Those people need to think of others more often instead of trampling on people’s feelings. The group I am talking about loves to build others up, but they like to tear themselves down at the same time. We really can be our own worst enemy a lot of times and it is OK to be critical of ourselves, but we really need to step back and really think about why a lot of good people do belittle themselves. Sadly,  most good-hearted people who always put themselves down are used to being treated like dirt. It is all they have known, so do yourself a favor and complement them and tell them how wonderful they are. Break the cycle! Break it now and show these people what kind of love they deserve to have.

If you are really their friend, you will help them to realize that they can build others up as well as themselves. I used to hate myself so much and I am still a bit too harsh on myself, but with time and care; they can learn that loving yourself is natural when you have a good heart and want to help others feel as good about themselves. Loving yourself is not wrong and it is only natural that we should love ourselves and show others that same type of love that we should be showing ourselves. Nothing is wrong with loving yourself and showing people a good balance between self-love and love for others. Maybe, just maybe, we need to forgive ourselves and show ourselves the kind of love that we show others.


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