Brad and Angie: Dear God, Help Me

Oh dear, when news broke Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has split, you knew the media crap storm was going to hit. I hate how the media does this; they will gravitate to a story and the media will milk that story until the cow runs dry. This story is a field of cows and the media are dairy farmers, so just imagine that picture in your head.

From OJ, to Anna Nicole’s death, etc. The media has been notorious for this and they are only getting worse with the advent of 24 hour news networks. The media does not want to expand their horizon, you know? Like cover the income gap more extensively or talk about how bad race relations has gotten. The fact is the media likes to distract people from real news stories by milking one story into the ground. How many times do we need to hear the same testimony or evidence from experts on a certain piece of evidence?

This is why trust in the media is at an all-time low now. According to Pew research, most Americans only some trust the media some and that is the best case scenario, Low trust of the media.

Yeah, those numbers are not the type of numbers you want to see when it comes to how much people trust your new me  Why trust the media when we know who owns them and these companies are the ones who pick news stories from them to run. Thankfully, more people are tuning out the bigger outlets and going to smaller outlets and even bloggers to get their news. If the media is dumb enough to not catch no, then let their ratings continue to fall as more and more viewers tune the corporate media out and go to alternative sources to get their news. Maybe it is time to put the media out to rest like 8-tracks and landlines. Maybe the future of news belongs to anyone who takes the time to properly research and find out the facts instead of obeying corporations who tell the people who work for them what to run and what to think. It is time for the media who had thinkers, not followers.



6 thoughts on “Brad and Angie: Dear God, Help Me

  1. Hi,
    While I was initially shocked about the split, I agree with you. Is it such a slow news day that they keep persisting with coverage? The U.S. has an election next month etc.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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