Leave Gays and Trans People Alone

The number of gay and transgender people in the United States is 9 million according to the census beau. LGBQT population.

This makes the states that waste money on trying to oppress this community even more insane. No1, their business is none of yours. No2, they are a small group, so you are targeting a small number of people just to waste money on unwanted fear. No3, you know someone in your family who is LGBQT, so think about that. Do you really want to hurt someone close to you? And no4, there are more pressing problems in this country. Crime, rape, the state budgets, jobs, etc., so bullying a small group of people whose lifestyle does not agree with your beliefs is not only ignorant, but it is reckless.

The only thing people can do is get educated so they can learn that the LGBQT community does not pose any threat to you, your religion, or your community. All they are, are people who want the same things as you. To live, laugh and love with whoever they want. It is time to put a stop to hatred and ignorance and actually move forward with political leaders who will tackle real problems, not be a bully to a small group of harmless people just trying to get by like the rest of us.

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