Presidential Debate 2016

Tomorrow, the two big candidates will battle it out to see who gets their vote. Since both have amazingly high disapproval ratings. The big  question will be, what can Donald and Hillary do to actually get people to change their opinion about them?

With Hillary, it is how people don’t trust her. Maybe she can use this to show people that she is not a liar and that she will do good things with a progressive congress. She needs to drill that home. That she needs a congress with her. She has some decent ideas, but without a congress to work with her, then she will be spinning her wheels like Obama has for most of his presidency.

For Trump, it is how ignorant people perceive Trump to be. Trump could have used this time to study up on foreign affairs, the FED, how economics works in a government sense. Well, he needed to study a lot. Trump has a lot of charisma, and he is riding the wave of anti-establishment, but a lot of voters look at Trump as ignorant and hateful. Trump needs to get people to look at him as relocatable and as intelligent.

The debate tomorrow will be interesting, but both candidates have a lot of work cut out for them. The independent vote is very important and both need to convince them that they are the candidate to vote for. It will be important to see how each candidate handles this. Hillary has been on a downturn and she might need this the most. Trump maybe going up, but there is a lot of question marks about him, so this debate maybe the one that decides the election.


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