White People: Don’t Fear Black Equality

When you cruise around the internet you will see how quickly a lot of white people will run for the hills when they see black people protesting. For all the talk a lot of white do about being pro civil rights, it does not show when blacks start to demand civil rights and not just talking about them. Minority groups doing equally as good as you does not pose any threat to you. It will only help you, not hurt you. Martin Luther King’s vision is not a threat to white America.

Why do a lot of whites who crow about supporting equal rights turn in a microsecond when blacks start taking a knee, start video recording cops, and start rioting? Then you see supposedly supporters of civil rights turn into paranoid anti-civil rights advocates who think that any sort of violence is representative of the whole group fighting for equal rights. BLM is considered a terrorist organization by a lot of whites who think that the organization only wants to loot and riot. They are so wrong about this, and it is sad how far off a lot of whites are. BLM is a freedom fighting organization trying to help bring attention to a form of oppression that is happening to the black community.

I never thought I would see the day that the thought of minority groups (blacks, Latinos, Asians, trans genders, gays, etc) would scare white people into a frenzy. I am perplexed at this. The idea of equality is to be on a pretty much even playing field. It does not mean that one group gets to run shotgun over the other. So, if you are scared because the idea of quality scares you, then I pity you and it shows your true nature. It seems when the going gets real, for civil rights, whites get going.


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