Akira Kurosawa: The Master

I don’t call many filmmakers a master, but Kurosawa is one of them. His films were not mere cinema, rather they were works of art. Every frame was painted perfectly with rich details, multiple meanings, exquisite lighting, every character portrayed with care and continuity, scripts that were looked over with a fine tooth comb and perfect camera movement. You know? He was the anti-Michael Bay. He is also right that people need to read more. Classic books are very important as they teach us about what the originators did to break new ground for future generations. It is their work that is the model for how writing, directing, etc., is done today.

Probably the best advice he gives is to never give up. I have been writing my book for over 9 years now and I have had the idea in my head since 1984. It could have been easy to give up and move on, but there is something about this story that keep compelling me to come back and finish it. That is how you have to be if you want to be a writer or director. Wonderful advice from a legendary artist who is, in my humble opinion. The greatest director of all time.



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