The Culture Against Women

I was on Facebook a few days ago, and I saw a friend of mine post pictures of herself beaten up sadly. This made me really sad to see her face swollen badly made me cry. What made it worse was when I saw the despicable comments on her photos. It was the usual crap of how she is faking it (she was not, and it was mostly men who were firing the shots, but some women jumped in as well). The troubling comment came from one guy who said that some women deserved it and that maybe my friend should behave better.

This really disturbed me and  made me feel like women still get the short end of the stick on social media. What is wrong with people? Why do a certain group of men think that women lie every time a woman says she was raped or beaten up? We know there are fake stories, but just assuming it is fake is not going to prove anything either. I know there are women who lie about these situations and that is wrong. However, it is not a good thing for men to jump onto a woman just for making a claim. If you want a woman to prove her claim, that is one thing, but it is another thing when you are already crucifying them without any hesitation. Turns out my friend was not lying and she had to go to the hospital to get treated for the bruises and black eyes she got.

For all the men out there, if you feel like your voice is not being heard, then speak up, but it is one thing to speak up, it is another thing to belittle a woman who has been abused and mistreated. That is wrong and it also shows how some men seem very scared for any woman to speak her mind. Why? If you did not do anything wrong guys, then don’t be scared. When I have a child one day, and if my child is a girl, I will teach her to stand up for herself and that she should not let anyone push her around and I hope she never gets assaulted, but if she did; I hope people don’t treat her like I see a lot of others who treat women just because a woman will make a claim of some sort. Are you men? Or are you little cowards who get afraid every time a woman makes some claim? If you are innocent, then prove it. Stop demonizing a woman and quit trying to get her to shut up just because she is standing up for herself.


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