Is Science Good or Bad?

If you have peaked onto a debate site in the last year on Facebook, You Tube, or Twitter. Then obviously, you have seen people debate about science. Everyone has their opinion if science is the future of how society is run or if science is nothing more than voodoo magic. A lot of religious people want society to be run by the doctrine of the bible. A lot of secular people want society to be run according to scientific research. Going by scientific research is good, it means that we try until we get the right formula or combination, so i do not mind that at all. What I do have a problem with is how some enthusiast of science can be blinded as a one sided-love affair that some secularist have with science. Yes, science has cured a lot of diseases, but it has been advancements in science that has caused some of these diseases to be more potent, more dangerous and more in quantity. Incurable diseases created in science labs.

This is pretty scary stuff, and it shows that when you put science into the hands of the wrong individuals, it can be just as dangerous as someone who misuses religion. What? But, religion has caused a lot of wars. Yes, and advancement in scientific technology (the A-bomb, automatic weapons, drones) has made it easier to kill a higher number of people with more percussion, from longer distances, and at a faster time. So, let’s not pretend that science cannot be used for anything bad. Remember, science is like anything else, if you get someone who has a great idea to help humanity then you will get something good however if you get someone who does not have good intentions; then you get the worst side of science.

So, science is neither good or bad. It is just a tool that good people or bad people can use for different reasons. All science is, is another way for the human mind to use empirical evidence to find out how the universe was created, how life happened, how physical items actually work. Science is not an be-all end-all to society’s problems. Science is something that humans use to figure out how to solve problems, create them, or how to find out about knowledge. Can science be wonderful? You bet, it can expand our horizons, open our minds and help us discover things. On the other hand, it can make killing easier, create more diseases, and kill people at a faster rate. But, isn’t that on the individual? That is the point, but without the chemicals or parts that science that made this possible, then we would not have the A-bomb, or automatic weapons now, would we?


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