Donald Trump is Leading in Polls Now

According to the newest CNN poll; Trump leads Hillary 45-43%. I wonder, were the Bernie or Bust crowd right? Is Hillary not a strong enough candidate to beat Trump? Or is this temporary? Trump Leads Clinton.

So, let’s see how this plays out. Hillary is losing independent support and she is losing more and more minorities. Trump is starting to pull to the middle now and his message is connecting with a lot of voters. Will he win? Is this lead temporary, will Hillary bounce back, or will we be saying president Trump after Jan? Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Leading in Polls Now

  1. Polls before October historically reflect public reactions to current news stories, not voting decisions, and the overall popularity of a candidate isn’t how we elect Presidents. All that counts right now is swing state polls, which is where the election will be won or lost, in Electoral College votes. As we’ve experienced as recently as 2000, a candidate can win the popular vote by millions, and still lose the election.

    It’s also funny how all the “it’s tied” or “it’s really, really close” polls seem to come from news orgs, who have a vested interest in the election being close right to the end. If it isn’t close, viewers stop tuning in to check, and they can’t sell products.

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