Housewives Rock

This is not an anti-working wife or mom post. What this post is, is a post that celebrates women who stay home and work at home to take care of their family. These women do not get paid and they work hard to make sure their family is taken care of. Too many times in society, we devalue housewives because they don’t earn money or they are a symbol of oppression by some radical feminist  who thinks a woman being a housewife is taking women back to the 1950s. That is utter nonsense and here is why, housewives should be paid because they work that people in other industries get paid to do the same thing. According to International Business Times, “if she were paid for her work, at $118,905. How much should housewives be paid?

Think about what a full-time housewife does. Cook food for everyone, drive the kids to school and even the husband to work, run errands, clean the bathroom, dust the house, garden, plan family events, make sure the kids and husband don’t forget their keys or their socks. And that is not even the half of what a housewife does for her family. Why should housekeepers at a hotel be paid for doing the same thing a housewife does? This is one reason that I am doing this blog, a lot of people think that housewives should not be valued just because they don’t “earn” a paycheck. Anyone want to try to do what a housewife does for a day? Try it and then come back and tell me that housewives should not be paid.

That is the economic side of this debate, children need a parent home with them and according to Pew Research, over 60% agree with this, ” 60% of Americans say children are better off when a parent stays home to focus on the family Parent should be home.”

Popular opinion alone doesn’t make it right, however, it does show how a lot of people do think that having a parent at home is good and more moms are staying home now and more women especially want to be a stay at home parent, so maybe it is time to start listening to them instead of ignoring them.Maybe a lot of moms want to be at home, weather it is their nature or religious beliefs. A lot of moms who are housewives love it and a lot want to do it, so no one should deny them that option, it is up to the woman if she wants to be at home or not and forcing them to work is just as bad as when women were forced to stay home.

Some people think that the government wants to make women work, that the government wants to tear down the family unit which would be a terrible thing to do. Families are tearing apart and I hope this is not true, think about it, the government does allow this huge income gap and that has caused a lot of moms to work who do not want to. So, is there any truth to that? I hope not  and I don’t know about that, but at the end of the day, it should be up to women to decide weather or not she should stay home and let’s remember one thing. For the last 50 years, society has tried to devalue housewives (stay at home parents in general), so I think we need to stop doing that and appreciate all the hard working moms who do this for their family. That takes real commitment to stay home knowing  you will not get paid, yet a lot of women continue to do it because they focus on their family. More women are doing the housewife role more than in the last 30 years and maybe it is time these women got their due.


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