Why the Cincinnati Bengals Will Win the Super Bowl.

A lot of publications are picking their favorites to win the Super Bowl, and you have the same old picks, Seattle, New England, and Green Bay, but I am here to tell you that they are wrong. Easily the best team in the NFL right now is the Cincinnati Bengals, injuries in the last three seasons have kept them from moving on in the playoffs, but this year (barring any major injury) the Bengals are the most balanced and talented team in the NFL and they could easily win SB 51. Here are the top five reasons why.

5: Great Running Attack

When you think of the Super Bowl dynasties, what is one of the common threads? They could run the football, the 90s Dallas Cowboys are a perfect example of this. Emmet Smith was one of the top runners, but it was Dallas’s hall of fame (three of them are in the hall of fame) O-line that protected Aikman and opened up so many holes for Smith. The Bengals have four incredible O-line man anchored by a future hall of famer in Andrew Wintworth, who is easily the best tackle in the league. Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard are two great backs who bring something to the table, Hill is a power runner who can score TDs on a moments notice, and Bernard is a flashy, and explosive weapon who can turn top defenses into mush. The Bengals also finished 13th in total rushing yards. Rushing Yards.

4: Tyler Eifert, when Eifert is healthy, he is the most dangerous weapon in the NFL, he tied for the league lead in TDs last year and he missed four games to boot. Eifert is almost 6’7 and 250 lbs, he is a monster and a huge target. The Bengals are loaded with talented receivers, but Eifert is their most dangerous. He is so tall that Dalton can overthrow him some and he can just reach up out of the reach of the defenders and grab a pass.

3: Balance, unlike most teams in the NFL, the Bengals have balance, they have a top offense and defense. The Bengals scored 25.6 points a game last season which placed them no5 on offensive rankings. Bengals offsenive ranking.

When it comes to defense, the Bengals finished second only to the Seahawks when it came to defensive scoring, so this is one heck of a balanced team Bengals Defensive Ranking.

2: Andy Dalton is a beast. Yeah, you have heard the snickers and laughs from people who cannot buy Dalton as a top-tier QB, but he is. Dalton’s breakout year last year catapulted him into the top when it came to QBs. Dalton finished 7th in completion last season, completing over 66% of his passes. He finished above Brady, Manning and Rodgers. So, don’t give me that he is a product of a system, any qb can have a great O-line and wide-outs, but it takes a great QB to complete those passes. Dalton completion Rating.

1: Defensive playmakers. Why did the Broncos beat the Panthers? Was it Peyton Manning’s play? Nope, it was the play of Demarcus Ware, Von Miller, TJ Ward and the other incredible defensive play makers on the Broncos. Last year, the Bengals were third in turnover ratio, only the Panthers and Chiefs had a better ratio. The Bengals have such great defensive playmakres like Geno Atkins, Adam Jones, Vontaze Burfict, Carlop Dunlap, George Ioka, and Kirpatrick. They are a vetern and talented unit and now that Michael Johnson is completely healthy, he will only make the Bengals better in this department.

When I show you all the stats and all the balance the Bengals have, if they stay healthy the Bengals could easily be the favorite to win SB51, they have talent, balance and lots of offensive and defensive play makers to sink a ship, I also think it is time for someone new to win the SB. Broncos, Patriots, Giants, etc. Except for the Seahawks, no one new, so I think this is the Bengals year and I will stick with that.

SB51, Bengals 30-Cardinals 24.



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