Is Voting For Hillary Just as Bad as Voting For Trump?

One of the main issues people are having is whether Hillary Clinton is just as bad or worse than Donald Trump. Trump supporters say that he has never killed anyone. While this is technically true (well, to what we know so far) however, Trump is accused of raping three women. One was a child when it happened. 13 year old raped by Trump.

As you can see, Trump is no saint either. For all the Trump supporters who think  he is a saint, you are wrong and you need to read up on him and what he has done in the past. Trump has more skeletons in his closet than a village of dogs who live in the same house. As we get closer to the election, we will see more of his skeletons come out and rear their ugly head against him. So, Trump is not some saint ok? Neither is Clinton, but she has been a career politician and of course she will have more dirt in the political arena than Trump does right now. It will be hard to judge Trump unless he wins the presidency, then we can judge Trump based on his actions and morals as a political leader.

Now, Hillary is no saint either and her supporters need to stop acting like she is. She actually helped get a man who raped a child off with a plea bargain. OK, now she did not laugh about doing it, and she did not attack the girl on the stand, (she did however point at her and accuse her of trying to always get in the pants of older men), so here is a good fact check article about the case. Hillary defends a child rapist.

Yeah, that is disgusting what Hillary did and I will not defend her for that at a So, instead of character assassination, maybe people should look at their policies and see which one of the big ones fits your views and morals. If neither one of them do, then try a third party. How third party candidates are handicapped.

In this case, the Hillary supporters have a point. Why vote for a third party candidate if they will not get anything accomplished or they will not even be on the ballot in a lot of states. This is up to the voter, if you really want more choices, then demand it, and try to get your representatives to make it easier for a third party candidate to be able to get on the ballot. For this election you may want things to change so that in the future, you will be able to have more choices and that may help keep the dems and gop in check, but until then, will it be option A or option B?


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