Who is to Blame for Ghosbusters Bombing?

After all the hype (and hate), leading up to this past weekend and when all was said and done, the Ghosbusters reboot did not do well at all. Now the good news for the movie is that it is getting decent reviews. On the other hand, the fan reviews have not been so nice (the movie is averaging a 5.0 on IMDB). But, what caused the Ghostbusters reboot to end up like ID4:2? Looks like Ghostubsters could turn out to be a  bomb like ID4:2. Ghostbusters could have done well, but Sony and Paul Feig put a damper on that. Calling the core fan base A–holes, and stupid is not going to get anyone of them to go see it. It will only antagonize them and keep some of them from seeing the movie. Imagine if Sony and Feig had kept their cool and used their brains. The movie could have opened up in the 62-66 million dollar range putting it no1 over The Secret Life of Pets. The next weekend could have made over 33 million, and it could have ended up with over 158 million, not great, but pretty good. Now, a lot of people are refusing to see the movie because of all the names Sony and Feig have called the fan base. Sexist, misogynistic, racist, stupid, jerks, etc., I mean, come on Sony. If you had not antagonized people and just asked them to wait until the movie comes out before judging it. Be nice to them, don’t call them names Sony, this is your fan base, and you want them to check the movie out, not put some hex up on the movie so it will bomb which it looks like this movie might be now.

Sony can spin this talk positive all they want. The Ghosbusters reboot bombed and it is Sony’s fault that this happened. The movie could be decent but how many people who you royally ticked off are going to be like (oh well, who cares what names they called us, we se the light now because RT gave it a 73%, I am convinced, let’s go see it!” Yeah, I know, crazy talk, huh?  Check out this article for more in depth information:Ghostbusters Failed. There is talk of a sequel, but I doubt it, after this movie does not do that well, I doubt Sony will pony up the money for another sequel, if they do a sequel however, muzzle Feig, who knows, the movie might be better and the movie might do better.


One thought on “Who is to Blame for Ghosbusters Bombing?

  1. I haven’t got around to seeing this one yet, but why do they show all the great “funny” parts in the preview trailers and then they are NOT that funny when you watch the movie? DANG. Hey, thanks for stopping by my recovery blog today too. YOU may be happy to know I scored an Interview with Comedian Alonzo Bodden and phone interviewed him yesterday!! So I will have a special Blog Post coming over on my Media Blog soon! I am a media and book promoter for authors on my other WP blog: https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com/lyon-book-promotions-presents-author-events-promos-news-and-more/

    Author & Columnist,
    Catherine Lyon 🙂

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