UR-Politics: Politics That Matters to You

This is a blog I am doing about a new site with a bunch of people who are passionate about politics, business and what is going on in the world. A lot of people don’t seem to follow politics, and that is a shame. One of the reasons for this is because of how divisional and hateful politics has become. Especially for minorities who feel left out sometimes by the political discourse. The question is, how do we make politics more inclusive? How do we make politics more appealing to minorities, or other groups who feel alienated by politics? That is a tough question, but there are some answers. Tone is very important, so it is time to tone down the political debate. Don’t always try to score wins in debates, instead, try to exchange ideas and really try to not look at the other idea as inferior and see if you can come to a compromise on what can work.

Next up, try to make friends with people who have opposing views. Maybe then, it will be easier to see the other side and then debating will not be such a competitive and debating can become more inclusive and that will draw more people in. Also, stop watching cable news. Cable news thrives on division and hatred of the other side. It is good for their ratings, but it is bad for us. It is time to turn off MSNBC, Fox, CNN, and every channel that thrives on dividing us. Go to the library and ask a librarian for information on sites that are nonprofit, that go by scholarly journals and trusted sites like Britannica that don’t go by profits, but by giving the public the most accurate information that they can.

Next, don’t demonize groups, even if their views clash with your lifestyle. Different groups come from different continents and countries. These cultures may seem different to you, but it is a normal way of life for them. Try to remember that, their politics and views could get you to change and think differently. It may help your business or your personal life, so don’t dismiss another culture so fast. It could help you diversify and that could lead to a better way of life for you.

Another good things to do is always ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions regardless of how some people may perceive them. Asking questions can bring some great ideas. Asking questions are apart of using good, critical thinking skills, and we can never have too much critical thinking. Always make sure to frame the question right, so that it is clear and there are no misinterpretations. Be prepared and ask your question with confidence and humility as well. Questions should engage people and get them to think, so be mindful of that.

Finally, no matter how many tips we give, they will mean nothing unless we listen. Without listening to what other people are saying, we will never come together, we will never solve our problems, and politics will continue to be a big hurdle that will keep dividing us. It is time we realized how to actually come together and start listening to other people and that we don’t always judge and ridicule just because of their different views.Yes, politics can be very divisive, however, it can also be a very uniting force if we change some of the things we hold onto. Change is never easy, and it does make us uncomfortable, but since a lot of people agree that politics is broken right now and that we do need a different direction in our political discourse. Doing the same things over and over is not only counterproductive, it is downright insane. It is time to come together, it is time to stop looking at everyone as a potential competitor, and instead, look at them as a potential life partner, or friend. Then we can move on and make real progress that will benefit everyone.

This is the main goal of UR-Politics, it is to untie people under the umbrella of politics. A group of people who are uniting to bring people together threw politics and even business. The division of the world was created by us, people, who want to get our ideas passed so badly because we believe in them that much. that we start wars over them. That doesn’t work at all, and it only divides people more. The best way to deal with division is with a clam tone and a willingness of us admitting that we have failed. We tried doing it with division and hate. The only thing we got was more division and a stagnant government which is engulfing more countries. It is time to bring people together. The internet is connecting people like nothing else has, and the old ways are not working anymore. Why use 20th century tactics in a 21st century era with 21st century thinkers? It makes no sense, so join our cause and learn more how to bring people together and how that will help you as well as others.


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