Hating Ghostbusters is Sexist?

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has the new Ghostbusters on the front, and the issue fans the flames of how hating this movie is somehow sexist. Ghostbusters EW Cover I have written about this before, and I think it bares repeating. The movie has a lot of hate, not because it has an all female cast, but because a lot of people thinks it disgraces the original and that the jokes, and characters fall flat. Some people are now accusing the main black character of being a very racist stereotype.

From E!Online, “Leslie Jones responds to criticism that her character is a racist stereotype” this comes from the fact that her character is the only character in the movie that is not a scientist. That is odd, and it is also how her character is portrayed as the sassy sidekick so often portrayed by African-Americans in movies. So, before a lot of critics and fans toot this movie for being progressive, well, it is very regressive in its portrayals on women, especially black women. Is Ghostbusters racist?

So, the next time some people jump onto you for not liking the Ghostbusters and they call you sexist for not like it, well just call them a racist for supporting an obvious racist movie. I have never seen a more racist character in my life in a movie. She acts so over the top stereotypical and the writing is so lame and it makes her character look like an idiot. If this is a progressive movie, then I am Peyton Manning.


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