Sequel and Remake Burnout?

ID4 2 opened this weekend and Finding Dory crushed it. The cute Pixar movie which is ranking in a lot of cash beat out ID42 by almost twice as much (Finding Dory made 73 million and ID4 2 made 41 million. From Box office Mojo, “Dory is now up to $286.5 million domestically, already making it the 13th highest grossing animated release of all-time after just ten days in release. Dory is killing it.

I know the name of the blog is Sequel and Remake burnout and Dory is a sequel, but Finding Dory was a sequel that the public (listen closely Hollywood) wanted to see, and not movies being shoved down people’s throats just for the sake of making more money off of a franchise that doesn’t need any more entries. Just like Sony doing another Spider man reboot. Do we need another reboot of Spider Man? Ghostbusters? The list goes on. Hollywood is so polluted with unoriginal crap that would flood the Atlantic with the amount of crap they are producing. Fact is, that this year is going to be a mediocre year for movies. We know Hollywood has always had a lot of crap, but at least back during the 70-90s there was more original ideas, since the early 2000s, it has been mostly comic book movies, sequels, and remakes. Yes, some of these remakes, sequels, and reboots can be spectacular, however saturation is what is killing the movie business. If they wonder why physical sales are down (although Star Wars TFA and Deadpool are helping the home video market this year), fact is, this is not the same as when Lord of the Rings was out and killing it on home video. Here is a link with a history of how the LOTR and the Hobbit have done on home video. Lord of the Home Video.

Maybe that is what is missing from this decade. A defining movie. I mean what is it? There are some good movies don’t get me wrong, but the 2000s had LOTR, 90s had Titanic, 80s had E.T., Etc., so this generation of movies seems lost, relying on the hits of the past with nothing new (I know Harry Potter and LOTR are based on books) but they had not been put up on the silver screen before, (Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, etc been there, done that). I feel bad for this generation, they don’t have their defining movie and that is a shame. Society is moving forward in technology, on social media, in politics, and even in culture, but we seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to our pop entertainment. Especially movies. There is no big movie that this generation can point to and say (this is my generation’s movie, I remember when it came out). Suicide Squad? Hardly, Dead Pool? No, nothing special about neither one of them, so maybe in a year or two, a movie will come out and sweep this generation the way Titanic did, or maybe, just maybe, this generation of movies is really lost.


One thought on “Sequel and Remake Burnout?

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