Hillary In Decline

If someone had asked you who was going to be the favorite to win the presidential election this fall; many people would have said Hillary Clinton. However, something has happened in the last six months. Her lead has shrunk, and in some cases, she is losing to Trump now in some polls. I know, this poll was taken by Fox News, but remember, Hillary was in the lead, (48-41%) even in their poll. But, it is not just the Fox News poll, Ruters, Quinnipec, and now NBC, now have Donald in the lead, here is the link for evidence Trump is taking the lead. Donald leads her now 45-42%. According to USA Today, “Clinton is also behind in the poll despite a whopping 90-7% lead among blacks and a 62-23% lead among Hispanics” and she also leads among “The poll shows Trump with the edge despite a 14-point deficit among women. Clinton would win among women 50-36%.” Hillary’s poll trouble Trump makes up for it with strong support from whites. Hillary should be leading Trump, by a wide margin. The fact that she does not, shows how vulnerable she is.

What is hurting Hillary? According to USA Today’s article, “For example, 66% of the respondents said Clinton is not honest while 57% felt the same way about Trump. Another 57% think Clinton does not have strong moral values and 58% said that about Trump.”Hillary Losing Ground to Trump She loses to Trump in trustworthiness, think about that for a second. She loses to Trump in honesty. That is NOT good at all and it goes against the loyal democrats who keep shouting “HILLARY IS STRONGER AGAINST TRUMP THAN SANDERS! Hardly, if anything, she loses to Trump among independent voters, whereas Sanders has a huge lead among independent voters. So, I know a lot of democratic voters who live and die by Hillary, but things will not get better for her, they will only get worse. Here are some reasons why it will only get worse.

Divide among progressives.

It is getting bad among democrats, a lot of them want Sanders, a lot of them want Clinton. The arguing is getting a lot worse and it is getting so bad that a lot of Sanders supporters are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. How high is it? Depends on the poll, but according to Politico, “While 25 percent of Sanders backers said they would not support Clinton in November, 69 percent said they would vote for the former secretary of state.” Hillary can’t get some Bernie supporters. 

If this fighting gets worse, the numbers could go up, let’s say Hillary loses the popular vote by half a million votes. One of the big reasons will be is that 25% of Bernie supporters didn’t vote for her.So, for all the Hillary supporters thinking they don’t need Bernie supporters, you might want to think about that. Because it may cost her the election.

Younger women

A lot of younger women do not like Hillary. In New Hampshire, Bernie got the majority of the women vote. From Politico, “Bernie Sanders, a 74-year-old white man, won 53 percent of the female vote, compared with Clinton’s 46 percent. And his numbers among young women were astonishing: 82 percent of women under age 30 supported him.” Hillary’s Woman Problem.

For the first female presidential nominee, this is not good at all. She lost to Sanders when it came to the woman vote. This is bad news for Hillary, who seems to beat Trump among women voters, but Trump can make up ground, whereas Hillary can go down or stay the same. This is not like the Black vote when Barack Obama got 95% of the black vote. So, it seems like Hillary being a woman is not enough to get a lot of women to vote for her. If Trump makes headway with women, then Hillary is defiantly screwed.

Independent voters

Yes, the biggest voting block in American politics now. No vote is more important than the independent vote. Hillary has already taken a sharp nose dive in polls among independent voters. In a new post from the Washington Post, they show carts that show Hillary has had a sharper nose dive than she did in 2008. This is a big problem since she will have to take on Trump in the fall. I will place the article here so you can see the drops for her. Hillary Loses Support.

Again, she has had trouble with independent voters in 2008, and she is losing them in 2016.  Yet, for some reason, the democratic party seems to think she will somehow get independent voters and beat Trump, but as we have seen; she is losing to him in some polls now. She is losing ground, and he is gaining ground. This is not what the democrats should want and do not underestimate Donald Trump democrats, this is a year when people are starting to challenge the establishment (well, a little, but still), maybe this is not the year to trot out a Clinton. Hillary will only go down because of all the drilling Donald Trump will do, and if Hillary has problems with Bernie’s tone (he can be a bit harsh), imagine how bad Trump will be with Hillary.

I am not picking on her at all. I am being honest and Hillary is getting weaker as the months go by. She is behind Bernie in total states won and she is losing ground to Trump in more polls now, and besides, she swore she would not run again (oops), so maybe she does not have her heart in it. Bill does not look good, and she maybe feeling some pressure from the loyal dems who do not want an independent like Bernie to be the nominee. Party loyalty is meaning less to more and more voters now. More voters seem to care about values than party loyalty anymore (that is why there has been a big shift in independent voters).

The fix?

Hope is not lost for her however, there are somethings she can do.

1: Try to appeal to younger voters. Since more younger women are full-time wives and moms, don’t try to appeal to older feminist who are a big chunk of your voting block. You already have them, so no point in beating the dead horse. Try to tell younger women (unmarried or married) that you hear them. That for the lipstick liberals who are single career women, you will listen to them. Single career women worry about the income gap, they worry about Wall Street corruption, and how women should not be judged just based on how many kids they have, etc. And, for the younger women who are housewives or single stay-at-home-moms, enough with the condescending attitude. So they chose to be a housewife for however long. Their votes still matter and every vote should count. Not just beating the base over and over.

2: This one will be hard, but stop taking money from Wall Street. If Hillary wants to be taken serious by folks who hate Wall Street, then she needs to stop taking money from them. How can anyone besides loyalist take her serious as wanting to do something about Wall Street? When they pay to get elected officials into office, you better believe the tax man will collect. She will not do hardly anything to them. Obama did not do a lot, the Dodd/Frank bill was ok, but it didn’t go far enough. I will post the bill itself so people can see what is in it. Dodd/Frank Bill Wall Street buys these politicians so they can have safety to do what they want (citizens united anyone)? Hillary can make all the speeches she wants, but no one will take her serious until she actually distances herself from the corporate elites who are now so hated by the American people now. Too many politicians live in bubbles now and Hillary is no exception. She thinks that people are not changing and that she can do the same old crap that has worked before. Wrong, this is a time when the people are now more aware of what is going on, more than ever. They know the game and are tired of it.

3: Stop the radical supporters

Yes, we know about how bad some Sanders supporters are getting, but some Hillary supporters are going out of control too. This might be having an effect because according to Real Clear Politics, her favor-ability is down to 40% Hillary’s favor-ability rating.  This is not good, and Trump has a higher favor ability rating now. That is more Trouble for Hillary. She has a lower favor-ability rating than Donald Trump and that is not looking good for her. Also, just like Bernie needs to deal with his radicals (stop issuing death threats to the DNC OK)? Hillary has radicals too. Most of them will call you names, one threatened to hurt me (he deleted them before I could copy them), a Hillary supporter beat up a Bernie supporter and sent them to the hospital. So, on all sides it is getting bad. Hillary and Bernie need to step up and cool the fires out before they get worse. If you want people to take you serious, you have to make sure they don’t look at your supporters as a bunch of grade school kids who make fun of people’s parents, call them names, and gang up on them and try to shame them. Ah, speaking of which, finally.

4: Stop trying to shame people into voting for her!

You have heard it time after time, (a vote for a third party or Bernie is a vote for Trump, so you better vote Hillary). Yeah, and it is an ignorant argument. Give people a reason to vote for Hillary. Tell them her accomplishments, what good you think she has done. Don’t just tell them to vote for the lesser of two evils, it is not going to work now. With the internet available in most areas (around 75% of the areas) it is so easy now to go to a candidate’s site and fact check them. Sites like Snopes, For fact checking and Politifact, Fact checking are good for fact checking. Here is the link to Hillary’s own page, so you can judge for yourself on her policies, to see if you like or dislike them Info on Hillary. I may not be a fan of hers, but I am actually trying to help her fans to get through to other people. Calling them stupid, saying their parents have sex with animals, is only going to drive people away, and with Hillary’s dwindling poll numbers, that is not such a smart idea.



In the end, it looks like history is repeating itself. Hillary is starting to slip and the more time goes on, the worse this is going to get for her unless she does somethings differently. Maybe my suggestions might come in handy? I may not be for her, but I am also being objectionable and if Hillary (and her supporters) keep going on their current path. 2008 will look like a success. If Hillary loses to Trump, (don’t laugh, it can happen), it might split the democratic party into two and that would help a third party (maybe the greens or socialist parry) it would also help the republican party. So, maybe it is time to be more humble Hillary supporters, get down in the dirt, work hard and actually try to convince people that Hillary is the right person for the job. Stop with the fear, stop with the childish tactics and don’t underestimate Trump or Sanders, that could be a huge mistake.


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