Will Deadpool Ruin Comic Book Movies?

Ok, now it is no surprise that I am not a big fan of the movie Deadpool, even though it good very good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes “83%” which means that over 83% of critics gave the movie a good review. However, does that mean that Deadpool will be good for comic book movies? Deadpool Scores Big on Rotten Tomatoes .

Remember how a lot of comic book movies over did it with the “darkness” after the Dark Knight was released? Look at the TV shows Arrow, and look at and that is what triggered the movie Deadpool to be green-lit was how well DK trilogy did. Dark Knight Influence   Some comic book movies lost their fun edge, (well, except for the Avengers which was a great movie). So, it should not surprise anyone that the success of Deadpool would influence other movies. But how will it influence them? Rumors about Suicide Squad reshoots were shot down by the movie’s director David Ayer who said “reshoots for humor” is silly. When a studio loves your movie and asks what else you want, go for it! Suicide Squad Re-shoot.

However, the fact that some people thought the movie needed more humor, maybe cause for alarm. The reason Deapool was a big success is because the character Deadpool was a fun and hip character who bought a more light side to the comic book genre. But, would this kind of attitude fit Spawn? Or the Punisher? Some jokes is fine, and it fits the context of the characters. However, trying to lighten the mood of a character too much can turn the character into a farce; and that is not good when you do a certain character in a movie. The Avengers made the mash up comic book movie popular, but it didn’t change the tone of comic book movies. I hope Deadpool does have an influence. (I can imagine the edgier comics like Rai, and Lady Killers getting more attention and maybe become movies now). However, I really hope that people do not overdue the hyper sarcasm and quirky one liners that I thought were way overused in the movie. Who knows, maybe Deadpool will have more positive than negative influence, but we are talking about Hollywood after all.



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