Is the Hate in Ghostbusters Sexist?

Well, since March the 3rd, the Ghost Busters trailer has been up, and needless to say, people (for the most part) are not happy with what they have seen. So, why is that? Even movies that I didn’t think look that good, turned out to get a lot of thumbs up on You Tube (Ghost Busters is over 360 thousand thumbs down at the moment), and it made me scratch my head, that while I did find the trailer to be unfunny myself, but I have seen other movies that did not do good at the box office, but they still got a lot of love from their fans. The question is, is this politically motivated? Is it the fact that the movie has four women playing Ghost Buster parts, or is it just that the movie is not funny and fans are venting their frustration?

When I see some of the comments on you tube, I want to cringe at the amount of sexism. Here is one example of it.


And, he is not the only one who . I saw tons of them in the comment section. I don’t like this for many reasons. No1: It is a hasty generalization of a group of people who are not alike and they all have different wants and needs. No2: This hurts anyone who actually has a genuine criticism about the movie. A growing number of feminist are accusing a lot of the hate to be aimed at the movie just because there are four leading women in the movie. I admit it, I left a scathing comment about the trailer, but I was soon hit with someone accusing me of hating on it because it had an all female cast, which is just not the case. I could care less if it had all blue metal band lovers, if they would have made it the same way; I would have reacted the same way. Now, that being said. It does seem like a lot of the hatred is based on the fact that it is four women in the lead. To all the people going overboard with your hate, get over it. You can dislike the movie without making horrible sexist remarks. You can make a case that you are disappointed in the movie without resorting to blaming it on feminism. Your comments make it sound like you had it in for the movie from the get go and when the trailer came out and you didn’t like what you saw; well, you went on the rampage and now it is getting out of hand. Anyone who dares to disagree and say they think the movie looks good, is ridiculed by people calling them a bot, a moron, idiot, etc. The trailer turned into a battle ground between feminist and MRA using sock accounts to try and rate up/down the video. This has gotten out of hand big time, and now the people who have genuine are not being met with skepticism because now, a lot of people look at the hatred as nothing more than sexism.

So, please stop with the silly hatred of the movie. If you don’t like it, fine, but it is only a movie, and there are gonna be people who like it. I know that is hard for you guys to believe, but every movie has its fans, even this movie, if you don’t like it, fine, but this type of vitriol may turn some people onto it, and then your hatred will backfire. If you hate this movie so much; go and watch the original, that is what I intend to do.



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