Wait Just A 2nd (Amendment)!

Yeah, and the origins of the 2nd amendment is NOT what they think. The second amendment was really Thomas Jefferson who wanted local militias to replace a standing army, as he thought a standing army was a danger to a democratic state. There was never any mention of this being about an individual’s rights to bear arms.

In Saner Thought

This post ought to bring in the mental midgets from all corners of the internet……I certainly  hope so………the trolls will have a day with this post but first they will have to put down the Cheetohs and do what their Mommie tells them……….that is if I did not use too big of words for them…….(insert smiley face)………..if these words are a problem then ask a 10 year old……they will understand.

I have been watching the news in Texas…..they have this debate going on about the possibility to openly carry a hand gun in public……it is a debate the we should have but it has gone beyond reasonable to the brutish……it appears that thugs from some guns rights group is pushing its way into legislators offices and basically intimidating them into voting for the bill…..they even conned the Lt. Governor into a meeting so he could avoid a scene…..but what can…

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