Voting Rights: Something Must be Done

For some reason, this topic does not get a lot of spotlight, but it should get more than it is getting.

The voting rights act is in danger of being stripped away, and most of the media is treating this like it is not even happening. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family to get involved and to stop the government from taking away minority voting rights.

In Saner Thought

Since the GOP landslide in 2010 there has been a massive attack on the voting rights of some states…..mostly those controlled by the GOP…… began with the proper ID and went to Hell from there……. limiting voting location and hours and early voting…….since those days the Supreme Court has made sure that any attempts to try and limit the people voting has been covered by the law…….

Of course the Dems went into a frenzy attacking all these so-called programs and incidents…..but with little success……hard to win an argument when you are out numbered in the state legislatures…..

Predictably the Dems will use this issue in their run to the election in 2016…..and that includes Hillary…….

Hillary Clinton says she wants to make voting easier and Republicans—especially Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker—have been doing their best to make it harder. In a speech in Houston yesterday…

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