The Question Of Marriage

Marriage is a good thing I think, it shows how much you love and care about each other, so why limit it to just white Christians? If someone loves another person and the other person is not being taken advantage of, then why not.

In Saner Thought

All the rage on Twitter, in blogs and in the news is the question of marriage…..most notably that of same sex marriage.  But all this back and forth, the proclamations of doom and the sheer amount of lunacy around the subject.

I have not posted much on this for this is none of my business who a person marries……it is a commitment by two people to each other……and in that it is a personal and a private decision that NO one should have a say other than the two people.

Have I made myself clear?

But the subject of marriage peaked my interests and I did some surfing in the more radical, looney tunes Right wing blogs on the subject……I just wanted to see just how ignorant these morons can be.

I eventually found a subject that I felt passionate about….interracial marriage and how it was at one time illegal…

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