Stop the Negative Self-Talk

It is hard when someone has so many negative influences in their life telling them all the negative things that can adversely affect how someone looks at themselves.

But, people can get over that by hanging around positive people and blocking out the negative people out of their lives.

Dream Big, Dream Often

When you are faced with a difficult situation or a failure, how do you speak to yourself?  How does your mind process the situation?  Are you inherently a negative self-talker?  Do you put yourself down mentally or do you expect the worst to happen?

There are a lot of people that do this so you are not alone.  But the long-term effects of negative self-talk can be reversed.  I can tell you from personal experience that you can change how you talk to yourself as I was once had a negative mind.  I know it might not appear that way now, but I worked on my mind for a solid year to change how I responded to myself, especially as it related to perceived failure(s).  Bad habits can be changed.

As in most things we talk about here on Dream Big, life is hard work.  Becoming successful is hard…

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