Terrorism: Talk Of The Town

Anyone can be a terrorist, any ideology, or religion can be used in the name of terror (or terrorism) that does not mean that one religion or ideology owns the idea of terrorism. Stop pinning that word on a group of people (and it is only a small fraction of that group) with the whole ideology, or religion. It is dishonest and it is a hasty generalization.

In Saner Thought

It is the 21st century and terrorism has replaced the fear of nuclear devastation of the Cold War as the talk of the town…..no longer are we worried about some unknown Russian with his finger on the red button of a nuke warhead……now it is some unknown extremist with his finger on a red button of a suicide vest…….

Since the US has taken it upon itself to engage ISIS there has been lots of chatter on what terrorism is and who decides to use it…..most of it is not professional but rather to incite an emotional response…..and to be used as a propaganda tool to instill fear and in doing so makes the population open to all sorts of tactics  that they would not approve of under normal thinking.

Since 9/11 we Americans have been told about terror and its use against a population……most of it was an orchestrated…

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