The ageing cohort of nuns

That is how bad it is getting at a lot of these churches. i mean if anyone is truly a good Christian, or any other religious belief. They would not put up with a lot of this behavior.

Why Evolution Is True

I can’t vouch for this fact myself, but it seems credible since it appears in an ABC News article about how some aging nuns, rather than living out their days in their nunnery, have had to move to a Jewish old-people’s home in the Bronx. Why? Because there aren’t enough younger nuns to take care of them. The article gives this astounding fact for the U.S. (my emphasis):

There are now more sisters over age 90 than under age 60, said Mary Gautier, a researcher at the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University. The center’s 2009 study found that 80 percent of the nuns in the country were over 60.

This is just additional evidence that Catholicism is one the wane in America.

By and large, the nuns at Jewish Home Lifecare in the Bronx have few beefs, but they also have a paucity of ham:

While Jewish…

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