Readers’ wildlife photos

Oh wow, all of these photos really capture the beauty and the color is just beaming. I love pictures like this.

Why Evolution Is True

We have a rara avis today from reader Mal Morrison, who is too self-denigrating about his photo:

You may not want to use this because it’s not a great photo but I thought I’d send it because the bird is quite rare. It’s a male Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata). According to the RSPB there are about 3000 breeding pairs and numbers are going down again after having recovered from the winter of 1962/63 when it was reduced to double figures [JAC: Wikipedia says only 10 pair]. I saw this one on Aylesbeare Common, a very small RSPB reserve of heathland, south of Exeter in Devon.


To add a closeup, here’s a photo by Richard Bond from How many readers have seen one of these?


And from Stephen Barnard in Idaho, whom I hope to visit (along with many other readers) on the Big Road Trip…

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