NPR sort-of disses euthanasia

Situations like this are never easy and there is never a simple solution. That being said, I think until we have walked a mile in someone’s shoes, we should not tell anyone how to live. If they don’t want to live anymore, that is that is their choice, but they will make a lot of people sad and heartbroken.

Why Evolution Is True

The National Public Radio (NPR) “Health” site has a sad article about a young mother in California terminally ill with scleroderma, and near the end of her life.  It’s going to be a pretty grim death as her lungs first give out, and then her heart.  But the mother, Stephanie Packer, is religious, and has decided against assisted dying because only God has the right to end someone’s life. As the article notes,

 She and husband Brian, 36, are devout Catholics. They agree with their church that doctors should never hasten death.

“We’re a faith-based family,” he says. “God put us here on earth and only God can take us away. And he has a master plan for us, and if suffering is part of that plan, which it seems to be, then so be it.”

That is her choice, though if you’re an unbeliever you’re relieved of the burden…

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