My New Republic piece on trigger warnings

Have we gotten this bad that we cannot expose ideas that differ from our own? We seem to get upset anytime someone challenges us on our views.

If our views are valid and if they can hold up to scrutiny then take them out for a test drive and see how they hold up against other’s ideas and points of views.

Why Evolution Is True

My post of yesterday on the fatuity of trigger warnings has been reworked and has now been published by The New Republic as “Life is triggering. The best literature should be, too.” (Kudos to those who guess the painting at the top.) You might wait a while and then go over to look at it, or the comments, to see what people think.)

In the meantime, reader Pliny the in Between has published this apposite cartoon on his/her website, Evolving Perspectives:

Toon Background.001

We have more news of this sort coming later today, so prepare yourself!

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