Stupidest People In Politics: Sam Harris, Barack Obama, and Pamela Geller

Stupidest People in Politics

Michael Tackett

I know it has been awhile, but I am back and ready to dish out some venom to stupid people who waste our time and air. This week we have people who even if they seem smart, can say some of the most ignorant and vile comments. Well, with that being said, it was a gooooood week for me, and a bad week for America.

First up is the man who calls himself an intellectual heavyweight (Sam Harris) and an actual intellectual heavyweight (Noam Chomsky), Harris wanted to have a private email exchange with Chomsky on U.S. Foreign policy and the impact it has had on other nations. First off, since Noam has studied this topic for decades and Harris is more known for being a loud mouth New Atheist, you get the impression that automatically, one of them is in way over their head. From Raw Story:

“Early in the morning the soldiers were landed in the village by helicopter. Many were firing as they spread out, killing both people and animals. There was no sign of the Vietcong battalion and no shot was fired at Charlie Company all day, but they carried on. They burnt down every house. They raped women and girls and then killed them. They stabbed some women in the vagina and disemboweled others, or cut off their hands or scalps. Pregnant women had their stomachs slashed open and were left to die. There were gang rapes and killings by shooting or with bayonets. There were mass executions. Dozens of people at a time, including old men, women and children, were machine-gunned in a ditch. In four hours nearly 500 villagers were killed.45” (Alternet).

Funny how Mr. Harris left out a lot of what Chomsky actually said, from Raw Story: 

            “take the destruction of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, one little footnote in the record of state terror, quickly forgotten. What would the reaction have been if the bin Laden network had blown up half the pharmaceutical supplies in the U.S. and the facilities for replenishing them? We can imagine, though the comparison is unfair, the consequences are vastly more severe in Sudan. That aside, if the U.S. or Israel or England were to be the target of such an atrocity, what would the reaction be? In this case we say, “Oh, well, too bad, minor mistake, let’s go on to the next topic, let the victims rot.” Other people in the world don’t react like that. When bin Laden brings up that bombing, he strikes a resonant chord, even among those who despise and fear him; and the same, unfortunately, is true of much of the rest of his rhetoric.

Though it is merely a footnote, the Sudan case is nonetheless highly instructive. One interesting aspect is the reaction when someone dares to mention it. I have in the past, and did so again in response to queries from journalists shortly after 9-11 atrocities. I mentioned that the toll of the “horrendous crime” of 9-11, committed with “wickedness and awesome cruelty” (quoting Robert Fisk), may be comparable to the consequences of Clinton’s bombing of the Al-Shifa plant in August 1998. That plausible conclusion elicited an extraordinary reaction, filling many web sites and journals with feverish and fanciful condemnations, which I’ll ignore. The only important aspect is that single sentence—which, on a closer look, appears to be an understatement—was regarded by some commentators as utterly scandalous. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that at some deep level, however they may deny it to themselves, they regard our crimes against the weak to be as normal as the air we breathe. Our crimes, for which we are responsible: as taxpayers, for failing to provide massive reparations, for granting refuge and immunity to the perpetrators, and for allowing the terrible facts to be sunk deep in the memory hole. All of this is of great significance, as it has been in the past” (Alternet).

It does show that Harris does not know what he is talking about, and he is misrepresenting Chomsky’s view on American foreign policy, (which Chomsky has been very critical) but since Harris likes to thump his chest about how smart New Atheist are, you think a man of his intellectual prowess would know better than to print only half of a paragraph about someone’s stance on an issue. Chomsky of course called him out on it, and the debate basically went downhill from there. Harris published the emails (which Chomsky warned him not to do) and for the most part, Chomsky was the winner. Even some of Harris’s supporters told him that he was out of his league. I guess there is more to intelligence than just weather or not someone believes in God or not, right Sam?

Next up is President Obama who is trying his hardest to get this law TPP passed, get it on a ‘fast track” to avoid the public scrutiny of this bill since a lot of media outlets either barely acknowledge this bill or they flat out ignore it. Warren is calling out Obama for trying to get this law passed which would undo the Dodd/Frank bill, and as bad as that bill is, it is still trying to regulate Wall Street a little, and Obama wants this law pushed through so there is no provisions changed. From Yahoo News:

“If the president is so confident it’s a good deal, he should declassify the text and let people see it before asking Congress to tie its hands on fixing it,” Warren said in the interview with the Plum Line blog” (Stephenson, 2015).

Warren makes a point; if Obama is so confident that this is a good bill for America, then why does Obama want to fast track this bill? Could it be that you don’t want people to know a lot about this bill Mr. President? Shame on you, a lot of people have praised your work on the economy, but with this one bill, you can undo a lot of the good you actually have done to put more people back to work and by calling out companies to raise wages (which a lot of them have), this only shows that people like me who call you a corporate drone are right Mr. President.

Finally the winner, Pamela Geller. You have heard about the shooting at a Texas School right? The two were shot dead, and it was because the school held a draw the prophet Mohammad day at the school. It turns out that racist er bigot er low-life (there we go) Pamela Geller held this contest, and I know she is this week’s winner of SPIP, but she is not that dumb, she knew this contest would get a reaction and that something would happen.  And now after the event in which people were killed, instead of facing up to what happened, Geller wants to do more events from NBC:

“We absolutely must have other events like this to stand up for free speech…,” Geller said. “I will not abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages” (Gorta, 2015).

Yeah, see she should actually be arrested for trying to incite a riot. She knows that these contest will get the reaction that they will get, and no I am not condoning the actions that the radical Muslims who are killing people. But, if you know what kind of reaction your contest will have, then it is the same as going into a theater and yelling “fire” in the middle of a crowded theater. Miss Geller, not only are you this week’s SPIP, but you are dangerous, you are willing to put your life on the line just to upset someone so much that they will react the way you think they will. I hope that you get arrested for this, and to bigots like Bill Maher who say that Geller has the right to do this, no she does not. She has no right to provoke a reaction from someone and then call the people who she provokes savages. No Miss Geller, you are the savage and barbarian. If someone close to you gets hurt over this stunt, YOU will be the cause of it. Pamela “the well is dry so I will call” Geller, todays stupidest person on politics.

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