Stupidest People In Politics: Allen West

Stupidest People In Politics: Allen West

Ladies and Gentleman this week do I have a doozy of a lineup of idiots for you, we have CNN, and Allen West among others, so get your popcorn, and set back in your best comfy chair. It has been a gooooooooooooood week for me, and a baaaaaaaad week for America. Let’s get started.

First up is CNN, who should stand for “Cannot be a real News Network.” This week the Fox news wanna be spent less time on a report done by the International Climate Experts on the rise of hunger, flooding, and other climate problems that will be caused unless we lower greenhouse gasses. According to media matters “CNN devoted less than two minutes to a report by top international climate experts.” CNN also spent less time on this report than what Fox News did for crying out loud. Fox News did 6 minutes of coverage, and MSNBC did 27 minutes. It seems CN

N does not want to have their viewers think that climate change is not real (Theel).

We already have one climate change denying network, “Fox” now it seems like we have 2. CNN will just ignore the problem flat out.

Next up on the crazy train is Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal. (Owned by Rupert Murdolch), who wrote that:

“Given a program whose complexity is so utter and defeating that it defies any normal human attempt at comprehension, two things will happen. Those inclined to like the spirit of the thing will support it on the assumption the government knows what its [sic] doing. And the opposition will find it difficult to effectively oppose–or repeal the thing–because of the program’s bureaucratic density and complexity. It’s like wrestling a manic, many-armed squid in ink-darkened water.”

In other words even though ACA even if you like the bill, or not. Did have a big roll out was a big failure because of the complexities (which she does not name) that we are fighting a squid. Is there any wonder why people laugh at our news anchors, and laugh at our journalist? We do not have real journalist anymore. Hey I got something that can save Wrestle Mania from being a complete bore this year. Let’s have Peggy Noonan take on a squid. That would shoot the ratings up even if for a short period of time (Arrowood).

But the winner, and this should not be any surprise is Allen West who was on the best news show on TV (Sarcasm). The Hannity show with Sean Hannity who set up this perfectly. Another shooting in Fort Hood TX just happened, and of course Bevis, and Butthead know who is to blame. Why the president is somehow to blame for this. According to Garfunkel, “West said we have a civilian leadership that refuses to acknowledge and admit we have certain enemies. He then, inexplicably, points to Crimea and how President Obama stated that Vladimir Putin is working from a position of weakness” (Baragona). Now according to West, Obama is to blame because of his limp wristed liberal policies when dealing with terrorist. That Obama has made America a much weaker place, blah, blah, blah. Mr. West I get onto any so called journalist who takes a new story, and uses it to further their political agenda. Mr. West what you and Hannity did was mock this event. If you had any human values you would get on TV, apologize, and resign from this sick news channel. We know that this will not happen, that you and Hannity are just out for a quick buck. This is all about you, and Hannity using a terrible event to further your political agenda. You are inhuman scum, what you should do is go meet the families who lost someone, and tell them that you used this even to score political points with your legion of fans who latch onto your words like a cancer cell to cigarette smoke. I wish you would be like the cancer cell and go away, please someone, use radiation to zap these fools out of existence; Allen West. Today’s stupidest person in politics.














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