Whedonfreak976: Stupidest People In Politics,

Of course it is that time of the week again, where I tear up the most idiotic people who are running our country. This week we have some gold in them thar hills! So that means it was a gooooooooooooooooooooood week for me, a bad week for America, let’s get to it.

1st up, you know sometimes I think I am gonna run out of material, but leave it to good old fox news, they always keep me armed with ammo for years to come. On the faux comedy news channel. Art Garfunkell I mean Laffer was on the comedy noise network, and one of the geniuses, and him had an intellectual debate (snickers) Over the minimum wage, of course Garfunkell was against it, and that it was harmful to black teenagers. From media matters:

Laffer recommended doing away with the minimum wage for some workers, saying that “honestly” the requirement is the “black teenage unemployment act.” Strain agreed, and suggested lowering the minimum wage “for the long-term unemployed” to $4 an hour.

That’s right, let’s get rid of the minimum wage, I am sure all those wonderful, and generous employers will give these kids a fair wage, and that these kids will not be exploited for profit now will they? We fought to end slavery, where whites where using blacks for cheap labor at a cheap price. Tell me, did slavery ever end? Mr. Laffer, the only thing I will give you is, your stupid last name, sure fits you. Anyone who thinks that walmart will not exploit young minorities who need to work, well that is a laugh, no it is more tragic than anything that either A you are too stupid to know this, or B that you do know this, I do not know which is worse.



Next up is the golden child of the media Chris Christie, who for months, heck years, the media has been touting him as a new gop, a new type of politician, who reaches across the isle, and works with the dems. That is why he won by such a land slide to get re-elected. Well it turns out Mr. Christie might just be a 2 face liar, or just plain dumb. The big news story is that Christie’s people had made it harder for the town, whose Mayor  who did not support Christie’s election campaign,  from the LA Times: NEW YORK — A contrite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie apologized Thursday and said he was “embarrassed and humiliated” by the actions of his staff that closed busy access lanes of the George Washington Bridge in September, snarling traffic in a town whose mayor did not support the governor’s reelection bid.

Now, Christie is using the old RON PAWL defense of well he did not know this. After all these years when Christie has said that he, and his staff are super close, and he knows everything they do! Until now, so Mr. Christie, either 2 things, 1 you are stupid, which with any politician today, no surprise there, or 2, you are lying and you did know. Which makes you inhumane, and disgusting, I am kinda hoping that it is you did not know, but I find that one hard to swallow. Mr. Christie, if you have any soul left, you will resign, quit now, while you have time. You have shown what a disgusting piece of trash you are, let’s put you on a bridge with unbearable conditions, then justice might be served.



But the winner this week is Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman who is trying to undo, and I wish for the life of me I was kidding, he is trying to undo the law in which employers must give their employees at least 1 day off a week. Why Mr. Grothman thinks that the American worker needs to learn a lesson in good old-fashioned hard work. From think progress:

Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) is pushing to undo the state’s law that employers have to provide their employees with at least one day off a week, the Huffington Post reports.

The Huffington Post obtained an email Grothman sent to other state lawmakers on Friday in which he proposes legislation that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven.” State Rep. Mark Born (R) is sponsoring the legislation in the state Assembly.

So, for someone who gets half the year off let’s see you sir get in there, and work without any days off, I know you are just doing what your corporate masters are telling you, but you take scum baggery to a new level. There is already reports of employers not paying their workers the money they are due, why not let these idiots get out, and work, and keep working, and then when pay-day comes, see how little you get, and how quickly it disappears, then we will see crap like this go away. Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman, today’s stupidest person in politics.



But wait, we have a tie! Folks, you have heard the old Christians always speak of how Christians where thrown to the lions! And that Christians need to be more tolerated by people who do not agree with them, ok that is fine. But you phonies might want to follow your own advice.

Well all that Christian acceptance that should be spread around, someone forgot to tell Pastor Kevin Swanson, and David Buehner. Now Bevis, and Butthead where on a radio show, talking about the rose bowl parade, now you see there was a bunch of gay people dancing in the rose bowl parade, and what did our tolerate Christian pastors say?

From addicting info:

Then Dave Buehner suggested that anti-gay activists should be represented at these parades as well. He thinks it’s only fair that anti-gay groups get to put on their own display. Buehner wants to stone a gay person to death as the crowd watches.

BUEHNER: “I wonder what the Rose Bowl parade would do if we had the stoning of a homosexual along the parade just as an expression of free speech and all that.”

SWANSON: “I think that would be rejected by the Rose Bowl parade committee.”

You damn right it should be rejected, any human being with an once of dignity would reject the idea of stoning anyone, even if you do not agree with their lifestyle, so much for Jesus, and spreading his word of love right Pastors? So much for remembering how bad Christians where treated during the days of the Roman Empire, so much for just being a decent human being you pathetic piece of trash! Get your bibles, and throw them away, you do not know nothing of the teachings of Jesus, your hate only shows that you have no interest in spreading the word of Jesus. Is it any wonder why more people are turning off of religion, it is monsters like you! What if one of your kids where gay? Would you like to see them stoned to death?

There is no excuse for what you said, what you said shows how low humanity has sunk, how low humanity has gone. Your remarks show people how disgusting, and inhumane Christians can be. Congrats Pastors, you have shown the worst side of humanity, do me a favor, go to a soul sucker, that thing would be dead in a heart beat. It would have no soul to suck. Please get off this planet, Pastors Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner today’s stupidest people in politics.




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