Obama, and Iran

This week Barack Obama is trying to sign a deal with Iran, as soon as he did, well the usual reaction of fear, that Obama was playing nice with our enemies popped up, no surprise since these people live out of fear anyway. Now that does not make the deal good, but for goodness sake, these reactionaries act like Obama wants nothing more than to watch this country burn, it is the same talking points the liberals used on Bush. Which if you want to say their policies are wrong for the country sure i can bite, but I think the term that is better to use is that these presidents (Obama included) Are so shut off from reality, and what America really thinks that they honestly believe that they are doing the right thing. I know scary! So let’s take a look at the bill why don’t we? And see what all the hubub is about.

What confuses me, is Obama wants to put sanctions on Iran’s nuclear energy, program, which for the life of me i cannot figure out why some people on the right are going nuts over this, just watch fox news.  From fox news:

WASHINGTON –  President Obama staunchly forcefully defended the temporary agreement to freeze Iran’s disputed nuclear program on Monday, pushing back against skepticism of the accord voiced by members of congress and some American allies.

I think what this boils down to is fox wants the president to play Mr. tough guy on them, like Obama has not done that (rolls eyes) Like when he tried that with Syria, then the gop accused him of being a war hawk, but when Obama backed off, they said he was too cowardly.

I just wonder if the right can make up their mind besides, whatever Obama thinks we will be against.  The sad part is this is coming from me, not one of Obama’s biggest supporters, (he is too right wing for my taste) But if Obama wants to have Iran’s nukes put on hold, and have them sanctioned, that actually is a good thing, so why all the uproar anyway? Reagan dealt arms to Iran, so why complain about Obama wanting to sanction their nukes for?

Well here is some solutions i think will help.

1 America needs to lower our nuclear capability, it would show Iran we where serious, think about it, would you want to put a hold on your nuclear weapons if someone who you did not trust held more than you did?

2. Stop going to bomb middle eastern countries, one of the reasons why America is so hated in the middle east is we just bomb countries like Iraq, for oil. If we would leave those countries alone, they might not hate us so much, or at all.

3. We need to stop being the police of the world, sadly America has such a bad reputation for being kinda a bully to countries whose religious, and economic beliefs do not mesh with ours, so maybe the US needs to listen to other countries, and respect their land, and stay out of their business. Then maybe other countries would not fear us so much, and they would not want nuclear capabilities.  A lot of people look at America as a bully, not a beacon of light, and freedom.

4 Quit kissing Israel’s butt! I am so tired of the USA always having to bend to Israel’s needs, when they go after a country, like Iran, or Palestine, we just sit back, and play their cheerleader.  We are like some blind football fan whose team is stinking up the field, yet they are shouting. “They can still win the super bowl, they can still win!”  Just to comply with a country who is an alley of ours is nonsense, everyone should be held to the same standard.

In the end America needs to quit acting like the police of the world, I know Obama is trying to do something right, but look at his policies, he is aggressive too, so no one can believe him. But this silliness of people who scream Obama wants us to be destroyed by our “Enemy” Is even more crazy, it was this attitude that got us into this mess in the first place! Maybe if we quit acting like the moral authority of the world, and quit taking resources from the middle east there will be less hatred, and fear, and less need for nukes. Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Obama, and Iran

  1. I couldn’t agree more Michael, this is a huge step that the president is taking and while we are an edge closer to a safer world, I think it’s time that the right stop calling this a bad mistake. we left one war and in 11 months we’ll be leaving another. these right wingers are so ungrateful that they actually believe their pessimism will benefit their base because of action that was taken by the president.

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